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Welcome to the Deep Learning Machine

We provide consultancy in Machine Learning & Deep Learning.
Research — Advice — Prototypes — Implementations

Our Services

We create systems that understand your data.

Research ideas

Apply state-of-the-art techniques, backed by strong experience in fresh research.

Develop prototypes

Rapidly understand how Machine Learning and Deep Learning can transform your data.

Full implementation

Develop high-performance, utterly reliable implementations.
Embedded — Mobile — Web & Cloud Services

Our abilities

We have deep knowledge in many fields.

Machine Learning

Computers can learn from data — the more the merrier.

Deep Learning

Sophisticated neural networks learn intricate representations of complex data. Fun!


Recognise People, Animals, Objects, Cars, Defects, Numbers, Text, …


Understand Sentiment, Meaning, and even Translate.

Time Series

Spot trends or patterns — then make predictions.


Detect Fraud, Spam & Intruders.


Use past interests as a guide to future interests.


Wide knowledge of modern algorithms.

Meet Our Team

We are growing… soon!
Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn

Over 40 years of programming:
1977: "Young Engineer for Britain".
1983: co-wrote the CHAPS system.
1992: wrote the first apps for the world's first PDA, at Xerox PARC.
2004: implemented real-time face-detection on a mobile phone.
Senior Research Scientist at the leading Idiap Research Institute, EPFL.

Mike Flynn
Founder & CTO


You know all about Tensorflow, Keras, CNNs, RNNs, Seq2Seq, Bots and more… but where can you use that knowledge? Here!

Technical guru
  • Mike is full of great ideas, and has an encyclopedic set of software skills to bring ideas to fruition, and a good understanding of hardware. Many times he has turned [our] ideas into reality, and taught me a lot in the process. Mike will deliver innovative, and well-engineered solutions and be able to explain the solid rationale behind his design decisions, doing so in a manner that is engaging, and often entertaining.
    Mik Lamming
    Principal Scientist Xerox EuroPARC
    Distinguished Scientist HP Labs

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